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Mourya Amaravathi Homes is the new face of luxury living for the new capital city. With the new capital region, Andhra Pradesh is going to see a plethora of changes and developments. Project Amaravathi is our tribute to this revolution. Through this array of several semi-finished 2 & 3 BHK flats (East & West facing), Mourya Group is planning to set the standards of capital living high. The project encompasses a total of 55 flats out of which 50 are two bedroom and five are premium three bedroom flats. Being an owner of a flat in this location will make you be in the center stage of all good that’s to come to the state. You will be a pioneer to the growth that’s around. Find your futuristic home, at Mourya Amaravathi!

Humans are in the constant search for finding peace, harmony, and a great place of living. There is no greater peace than feeling at home. It is the ultimate bliss; it is the attainment of nirvana on earth. It is not just enough to attain or find this peace but also retain it for your life. In the modern world of development and progress it is difficult to find such a place but it has been made possible now, through Mourya’s Amaravathi! Amaravathi, the luxury-comfort home from Mourya Constructions, is your chance of finding peace, finding harmony, finding the bliss you seek!

Amaravathi Elevation
  • Kitchen platform will be laid with granite.
  • Sufficient Cement Cupboards will be provided for All Flats.
  • All Wood work with Teak wood for all flats.
  • Internal doors - Designer doors.
  • Intercom phone facility for all flats.
  • Ground floor for car parking.
  • Branded items are provided for Electrical, Plumbing, and Sanitary Ware.
  • Registration, VAT, Service Tax and Labor Cess are extra.
  • 2 & 3 Bed Room Independent Flats with ventilation from all four sides ventilation.
  • 3 Bed Room Flats with 1719 Sq.ft., & 2 Bed Room Flats with 1143 & 1152 Sq.ft., including common area.
  • Construction of All Flats With 100% Vasthu.
  • Interior Flooring Vitrified Tiles.
  • Bathrooms and Bolconies with ceramic tiles.
  • Car parking and Solar heating system will be provided.
  • Generator facility for lift, motor common lights for all flats.

Mourya Amaravathi Homes has 3 Bedroom flats with 1719 Sq.ft. and 2 Bedroom flats with 1143 & 1152 Sq.ft. including common area. All flats are built with utmost care and 100% vastu.

Amaravathi Floor Plan

Flat No. Flat Type Area
101 3 Bed Room 1719 Sq.Ft.
102 to 107 2 Bed Room 1143 Sq.Ft.
108 to 111 2 Bed Room 1152 Sq.Ft.

Apartment is located at Museum Opposite Road, Amaravathi, Guntur Dst.

Amaravathi Location Plan
Amaravathi Gate View